Hello, everybody! We are the four girls who offer you many articles on marriage. We are Jasmine, Cristina, Jessy and Carolina.

We met five years ago at a fashion school. All 4 of us are passionate about this world. Through our blog, we want you to discover our tips and tricks to organize the most beautiful wedding.

Jessy, 24, specializes in wedding dresses. Cristina and Jasmine, 31 and 32 respectively, have been wedding planners for 3 years. And as for me, Carolina, I specialize more in jewelry. Indeed, I specialized in jewellery during my studies.

Thanks to our different specializations, we offer you a very complete blog on the field of marriage. Nothing escapes us in order to give you a maximum of information on the new trends. I hope you will find it full of small details that will make your wedding the most sumptuous.