The last night before the wedding

Perhaps you’ve already heard about this tradition on the other side of the Atlantic: the wedding rehearsal dinner. We admit: at An Allure Event, we have trouble understanding the idea of marriage before marriage:)

On the other hand, the idea of a quiet dinner, nicely staged with lots of good things to taste on the eve of the D-Day, in mini committee, yes: it speaks to us!

This is what we loved to imagine with the Francéclat Committee: what could the « previous day’s dinner » look like, the one where we would find ourselves with our close guard supra for a moment together before the big day. An evening where one would put the small dishes in the big ones, but without making fuss, without complicated cooking. Just a few warm details to create intimacy.

Here is how we created our table…

Build your atmosphere

We left from a set of dessert plates, with floral motifs imagined by the artist Estelle Rebottaro for GIEN, who had amazed us. And it is from this motif and the colours that we have imagined the rest.

A night blue table to serve as a case for the plates and powdery pink tones to recall the shades of the motifs.

Multiple touches of gold (cutlery, candlesticks) to warm up the colors a little cold as well as a mustard plaid.

Crystal glasses (Macassar de Cristal d’Arques collection), three or four antique vases and a few coloured candles bring brilliance.

Finally, it is the plants and delicacies on the table that give the final touch: just rosé beverage, pomegranates, nuts, plums and black grapes. A few blue thistles. Foliage.

And it was as simple as that: our table was ready!

A theatrical green wall

It only takes a few things to transform the atmosphere of a room. Here, this large white wall contrasted with the atmosphere we wanted to give to this dinner and we needed to dress it, without damaging it: an ephemeral and painless decoration for the wall.

So we improvised a plant motif with the remaining foliage, simply fixing it with fixing paste (depending on the foliage chosen, you can prepare it several hours or even several days before the evening).

Then we added some scraps of the cloth used for the placemats, to form small pink buttons and recall some of the dominant colors of the table.

All in all, it didn’t take us more than ten minutes to transform the atmosphere of the room with this simple, yet cool idea.

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