Choosing Ethical Wedding Alliances

As you know, we like the idea of thinking about marriage in a slightly more ethical way. From reception to catering, from decoration to accessories, there are many responsible alternatives for those who wish to organize an eco-responsible wedding. Some brands support you in this approach, and choose to position themselves in favour of respecting the nature of men. This is the case for JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded.


A jewel called fair trade is concerned to guarantee the origin of the stones used, but also that of all materials used for its creation. To choose an ethical jewel for your wedding is to be committed to the protection of the environment, but also to the respect of the fundamental rights of men and women working in the extraction of raw materials.


The jewellery, gold and diamond market in particular is still a source of many negative impacts, both ecological and human. For your wedding rings, choose coins made with Fairmined gold. For stones, some brands like JEM even propose to go further than Kimberley diamonds with solutions guaranteeing traceability and even greater respect for human rights, and opt for cultured diamonds. Also called synthetic diamonds, they remain real diamonds (with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mining diamonds) but are manufactured in the laboratory . Today, it is the only eco-responsible and fully traced diamond.

« The programme – created by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) in 2007 and leading to the Fairmined label in 2014 – aims to train responsible mining operations applying ecological, human and social ethical and responsible standards.

Unlike some gold mining sites, this artisanal mining is legal, organized by and for the miners themselves, in the form of cooperatives and respects human and international labour rights. It applies the criteria of fair trade and environmentally friendly production. Today, about ten mines in the world have obtained this label, in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Mongolia, and about fifty are in the process of transformation and certification.

This label guarantees the control of the handling of chemical substances and waste ensuring the non-contamination of soil and water, preserving the food chain. Small-scale artisanal mining protects biodiversity. The label also anticipates and organises the ecological rehabilitation of the original ecosystems.

The Fairmined label controls and certifies the extraction mines, but also all the players in the sector (refiners, alloyers, smelters, jewellers), ensuring the exclusive use of its gold and respect for its traceability, from the mine to the final product.

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