10 tips to plan your wedding

This is the essential point when planning your wedding. Do you have a wool stocking to devote to this day? Or the savings you’ll make every month until D-Day? The help of your loved ones can be? No matter how you finance your wedding, evaluate all the expenses, and the budget you can devote to it, and define your priorities… photo, caterer, dress, it’s up to you to decide.

Organize your planning

He or she has just asked you the question, the emotion has subsided a little, it’s time to start organizing your day. And if you can say to yourself for a moment that it’s good you have time, marriage is only 12 months away, know that the most sought-after providers are often booked well in advance. Count about 12 to 18 months for a room, or 10 to 12 months for a photographer, or a wedding planner depending on the date. Obviously this is especially the case for weekends between May and September. If you choose a Saturday out of season, or a weekday, your providers will probably be more available.

Take your time

Yes I tell you everything and its opposite. You have to think ahead for many positions, but you also have to take the time to think, for example for dresses. No need to decide in June of this year for a wedding that will only take place next summer, or two years later. As the new collection arrives in September, there may be a dress that will please you even more! On the other hand, count well 6 to 8 months to realize your dress to measure, and the diaries of the talented creators fill up quickly, very quickly!

Choose your providers carefully

Florist, creator to share, filmmaker or DJ, you must imperatively choose them for their work, and trust them. Don’t ask a photographer for vintage photos, or fineart if it’s not his style, or a florist for graphic compositions if his favourite universe is rather country compositions. If your providers are not comfortable with the work you ask them to do, they will not be able to give you what you expect, and everyone will be disappointed. Might as well avoid it.

Get the network up and running! Ask your entourage their good ( and their bad !) addresses ! Even if it is above all a question of feeling, the opinions of those who know you will surely be relevant. And ask their good addresses to the providers you have already chosen. They will know how to advise you professionals in adequacy with your waitings, and that they will have already had the occasion to see working! I can never say it enough, a good team of service providers is almost the guarantee of a marriage without couacs or drama on the organizational side.

Made according to your desires

Du choix des couleurs, au lieu de votre réception en passant par le menu ou le style de votre robe, ne vous laissez pas imposer quelque chose qui ne vous ressemble pas. Que ce soit par vos proches ou par une certaines idées des conventions, et imaginez un mariage qui vous ressemble. Si c’était à refaire, j’organiserai surement un joli brunch en toute simplicité pour notre mariage, plutôt qu’un diner, certes très beau, mais peut être un poil trop sophistiqué pour nous.

Make compromise

Yes pretty fiancée, this day is your day, but it is also a little the moment of your mother, your father, and especially also that of your half. So if he’s not a fan of the idea of wearing a bow tie or colorful espadrilles, and even if it’s really too cute, listen to him. And if your mom is really excited about embroidering you a little wedding ring cushion, tell her yes, if that’s all there is to please her.

Establish your schedule for the day and discuss it with your providers, to make sure everything is realistic and achievable. For example, count at least two hours for the beauty, hairdressing and dressing of the bride, or at least a quarter of an extra hour to the initial timing for trips such as town hall-ceremony-cocktail when everything does not happen in the same place. There’s always a car that doesn’t follow, a missed highway ramp or a forgotten key.

And you, any advice to share with the brides-to-be? Things you’d like to be prepared for? « If I’d known… »? Feel free to share your experience in the comments in this article.

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