Organize your wedding in an atypical place

Choosing the wedding reception venue is officially launching the preparations for this special day for you. You want a wedding in the heart of nature and greenery? So why not organize it in a garden or in an atypical place like an agricultural shed, or the village square of your childhood?

Weddings in small groups or large weddings, planning your D-day in a place where it is not your primary vocation requires very special preparation, so here are my little tips to help you.


Getting married in the wild is not necessarily synonymous with a country wedding! Choose a place, a family home of your own or in your surroundings that will reflect the theme you have chosen for your wedding. You can choose to marry anywhere, as long as you have the approval of the owners of the land you have chosen, and you have access to water and electricity supplies. Also favour a place that is easily accessible for your service providers and your guests, remembering to inform them in advance so that they can organise themselves accordingly (catering equipment, guest attire, etc.). Remember Marie and Johan who had organized their wedding in their garden, Elise and Martin and their folk wedding in the woods, or Coline and Antoine who got married in an old abandoned greenhouse.

Choosing to get married in a garden means deciding to welcome all your guests in one place for a whole day. So that your guests enjoy their day without walking on each other, be careful not to choose a place too small. Also remember to define the spaces, which will guide the festivities throughout the day.

If you have chosen to reduce your guest list, and get married in a smaller committee, do not hesitate to opt for a food truck that will take care of dinner. Be careful to check the necessary connections, and that access is obviously possible for the vehicle.


Get married in your garden why not, provided that guests can enjoy all the amenities in a more traditional place. In particular, consider installing an outdoor toilet, to avoid untimely return trips inside the building next to the garden you have chosen. And to combine convenience, ecology and style, opt for dry wooden toilets, which will blend perfectly into your natural decor.

You don’t decorate your exteriors like you decorate a reception hall indoors. Ballast all your decor elements so that they don’t fly away at the slightest gust of wind: protect candles in glass lanterns or photophores, avoid paper place marks that might scatter, etc. And even if dinners by candlelight are very pleasant, don’t forget to provide enough light to light up your reception area at nightfall: garlands of light are your best allies to light up your evening with elegance.


Wanting to get married outside is a very good idea, but when you plan your wedding date twelve or eighteen months in advance, it’s impossible to predict the weather on D-Day. So plan a plan B to welcome all your guests in a dry and sheltered place, such as a barn or a nice tent (crystal, sailboat or nomad) for example, if the weather gets bad. You can also decide to set up an open tent, which will protect everyone from the rain while enjoying nature. And if rain can be your marriage’s worst enemy, so can heat. So provide small shaded areas to protect your guests from the sun during the day. In the same way, pamper them by placing at their disposal parasols, refreshments, plaids and anti-mosquito protections to avoid the sunstrokes, cold blows or untimely pricks.

Organizing your wedding at home also means welcoming several dozen guests at home, guests who usually travel by car. Make sure you can have your guests park in a parking lot near you, in a field provided for you or in a yard lent by a nice neighbour. If necessary, contact the town hall to find out how to park in your commune.

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