Planning a minimalist wedding

Choosing the theme of your wedding means choosing the guideline that will guide all the preparations until D-Day. This year, the country style is gradually being abandoned in favour of a simpler trend: minimalism. Sleek and modern style, graphic lines, natural materials and colours are the key words of this trend, so sober and yet so particular.


Because your invitation is the first element that will suggest the image of your wedding to your guests, it must respect the codes of the theme that you will have chosen on the day D. We will therefore prefer a stationery with simple fonts, playing with texture, weight and paper work to give presence and elegance to a simple and refined design.


Exit the very worked dresses, once again, the master word remains simplicity. More and more dress designers are turning to this minimalist trend to offer future brides more contemporary, sexy, fluid models without too many frills. When it comes to accessories and hair, don’t overdo it. Instead, bet on a master piece that will finish your outfit and give it an elegant touch, like a nice pair of earrings, large bracelets, a hair clip or why not a crown of foliage delicately placed on a natural hairstyle.


Choose to gather your guests in a workshop, an old barn or an old warehouse for example, these are places that can give cachet to your wedding without doing too much. These unusual places are empty envelopes that are often underestimated when looking for a reception venue for your wedding, so get off the beaten track and offer your guests a day in a place where they have not necessarily been used to celebrating a wedding. You will stand out even more and leave an unforgettable memory to your loved ones.


Minimalist wedding does not necessarily mean non-existent decoration, quite the contrary! If you choose to unite simply, adopt the art of not overdoing it. Choose a simple and natural decoration. Choose leafy floral arrangements, and why not dried flowers, which are making their comeback this year and which by their simplicity and elegance can bring a lot of charm and warmth to a refined decoration. Also combine wood and metal to bring modernity and character to your decoration. Candles and chandeliers are placed on the tables and in the room to bring a little light to the room, and some light garlands can be added to dress a very high ceiling for example. As for the colour code, we prefer natural, organic and luminous shades, such as white, beige variations. And you can also allow yourself a touch of color, through flowers for example!


Choosing the photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions in planning your wedding, by the way, if you want advice on choosing your photographer, go here. Be attentive to the artistic sensitivity of the providers you select, and bet on those who play with light, materials and highlight the natural character of the place in which you marry.

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